Powering  Teams





“ Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs

Successful organisations  grow by embracing the rapidly changing commercial context, and by recognising and cultivating effective teams.

For a team to be truly effective, it needs to more than a collection of technically competent individuals. World-class teams embody a shared ownership of the vision, a culture of open communication and unbridled intrinsic motivation.


PowerBase works with clients to build teams which are:


•   Motivated by a common sense of purpose

•   Exhilarated by the prospect of change

•   Open in communication and the sharing of ideas

•   Inspired by each other

•   Bound by deep-rooted trust


Typical Team Programmes include:


•  Team Vital Signs Assessments & De-briefs

•  Organisation Vital Signs Assessments & De-briefs

•  Emotional Intelligence Team Workshops

•  Tailored Team Development Programmes

•  Team Climate: overcoming dysfunction and disengagement. 



Powering Leadership

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+971(0) 4 887 8291