The Power of Leaders and Teams


“Emotional intelligence skills are synergistic with cognitive ones; top performers have both. The more complex the job, the more emotional intelligence matters—if only because a deficiency in these abilities can hinder the use of whatever technical expertise or intellect a person may have”

Dr. Daniel Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence



For any organisation to succeed in the rapidly changing commercial environment, it needs to develop effective leaders who are able to facilitate the growth and engagement of teams.


It is a fundamental truth that emotions drive people and people drive performance. Emotional Intelligence is therefore a critical skill for leaders and contributors to develop and sustain.


PowerBase uses the Emotional Intelligence framework as a backdrop to working with leaders, high-value individual contributors and teams to develop a context of trust in order to:


 Inspire deep motivation

  Achieve smooth operational execution

  Facilitate effective teamwork

  Create a readiness for change




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+971(0) 4 887 8291