Piecing together the elements to power your organisation





The PowerBase Focus


The PowerBase offer is very simple: by focusing on three critical elements, we partner with you to unlock the undiscovered powers of your leaders, your teams and each and every individual who is an important part of your organisation’s “big picture”.

Our experience is that the vast majority of organisations are skilled in attracting and recruiting talented people with industry-specific skills and knowledge. This will enable them to adequately compete on a level playing field with others within the competitive frame.

However, to then transform these organisations from merely functional to truly outstanding performers, able to embrace change and achieve sustainable success, 3 vital elements must be prioritized in people development programmes:

• Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Teamwork
• Powerful Business Communication at all levels
• Complete Enablement of Team Health and General Wellbeing


This is precisely where we focus our efforts to really make a significant difference, working with you to develop the leaders of today and tomorrow and to empower change.

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The Process    

Establishing a Start Line  


The starting point for all initiatives has to be a  complete understanding of the “state of health” of an organization and producing a  full inventory of its relevant competencies and development areas. To establish this baseline, we offer a range of diagnostic tools and programmes, including :

• Leadership and Team Emotional Intelligence Assessments 
• Brain Type Profile Reports 
• Analysis of Business Language proficiency 
• Audit of Business Communication Ouputs – written and oral 
• Analysis of the general physical wellbeing of individual and teams



We always recommend the measurements are taken before and after the initiatives to fully appreciate the return on investment (ROI).

Initiatives for Success 


Each organisation is unique and each initiative is completely tailored to, and driven by, specific client needs and ambitions. 

We work with individuals and entire organisations and typically initiatives include :

• One to One Debriefs
• Private Executive & Leadership Coaching Programmes
• Team Development Coaching and Workshops 
• Language and Communication Coaching and Workshops 
• Lifestyle and Wellness Consultations and Practical Sessions

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+971(0) 4 887 8291