The Power of Corporate Health



Why Corporate Wellness?


Over recent years, the Middle East has experienced a significant change in thinking on the importance of investment in maintaining a healthy workforce.


In addition to facing changes in healthcare legislation and soaring medical insurance costs, employers are becoming more aware of the direct costs of sickness absenteeism as they seriously affect productivity and engagement levels.


According to a Harvard study, introducing health and wellness programmes into the workplace can decrease healthcare costs, leading to lower health insurance premiums and decreased absenteeism due to illness.  As well as supporting a healthier, more engaged and loyal workforce, this enhances the employer’s ability to attract new talent.

The Facts

The Cost of Absenteeism 


In the UAE, the average employee is absent from work 7.6 days per year costing the employer 3,200 DHS (Cigna – UK Health Insurance Provider)

The  Return on Investment 


Recent studies in the US have shown that medical costs fall by approximately $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programmes and absenteeism costs fall by approximately $2.73 for every dollar spent.

Healthier employees will work for you longer

The Case Study



Johnson & Johnson estimate that their investment in employee wellness has translated to a $250 million saving over the past decade



Against this compelling background, PowerBase works with clients to devise suitable programmes for key individuals and for teams to ensure that focus on professional competencies is balanced with equal attention to health matters – both physical and emotional aspects

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“To keep the body in good health is a duty….. otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear “



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