Private & Group Wellness Coaching Programmes







PowerBase works with clients to achieve overall organisational goals in terms of reducing absenteeism and fostering loyalty and long term commitment. These high level goals are then translated into realistic and meaningful programmes for key individuals and teams.


The starting point for every initiative has to be a full wellness assessment; this includes an analysis of the current physical and emotional state, gaps and risk areas.


PowerBase will then design and implement packages which aim to give your employees a kick start and encourage awareness of the direct impact of health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle balance for professional success.


A key element of the PowerBase approach is to introduce programmes  which are sustainable and become fully integrated into schedules and lifestyle.

Typical elements include:


•  Wellness Assessments

•  Individual Consultations including blood pressure and body fat analysis

•  Personal Training Programmes

•  Nutritional Packages

•  Group Exercise Classes

•  Individual and Team training activities and nutritional workshops

•  Indoor and Outdoor  activities




Indoor & Outdoor Team Building Activities 


Corporate Fitness Motivation Programmes 

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+971(0) 4 887 8291